Odyssey 2010 - Message in a Klein Bottle

It's Spring time, when young SF fans' fancies turn to spending 4 days in panels vaguely related to their topics, if not to SF, and so this year we came again to the Radisson Non-Euclidean Hotel, just off Heathrow Starport. Its topology remains as bewildering as ever, with non-contiguous floor numbering and parts of the fourth floor not path-connected, so geodesics need to be extra-dimensional. No wonder the first sign posters trying to make navigation easier were never seen again.

But now they've added quantum light switching, so one day a switch controls the bathroom light, and the next it does nothing, but another (doubtless entangled with the same qubit) switch takes over. Obviously this is far more convenient than the Classical Electronics system of having wires between switches and lights. Probably.

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The Reverse Alternative Life Meme

Here's a game you can play at home: keep your actual date of birth but project your life from there backwards instead of forwards, thinking how you'd have been affected by the different background. It's surprising how close history is to your life, at least if you're old.

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Eastercon Doings

This year the hotel was more topologically conventional than last year, compact and simply-connected, though with the first and second floors curiously only three feet apart vertically. It was also far too cold (except in the too hot bits), to the extent that I got Cold Illness that could only be cured by putting my jumper back on, though I've now made a full thermal recovery basking on my home rock again.

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